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【Product name】:Small cold storage

【Product Image】

Large cold storage Cold storage board Large cold storage machine Fresh-keeping fan cold storage
冷柜 冷柜 冷柜 冷柜
Tube cold storage Small cold storage Combined cold storage Cold storage unit

【Cold storage Máy nén】



Meiyou Máy nén Bitzer refrigeration Máy nén Copeland Máy nén

【Cold storage accessories】
Kasto check valve Slovak exhaust valve Oil separator oil separator Gas-liquid separator Reservoir Pressure gauge

Table group Castor safety valve Filter cartridge filter Refrigeration pressure gauge pressure controller Energy conditioner

Cốc thủy tinh Check valve Check valve Thermal expansion valve Condensing pressure regulator The electromagnetic valve

【product manual】
冷库广泛应用于超市、工业、外贸、食品、水产、畜牧、医药、旅游、铁道、部队、宾馆、食品加工等行业。 我公司生产的pu(聚氨酯)保温板、从剪板、折板、压筋、定 均采用专业流水线设备,采用进口机压力,一条龙成套工艺,大大提了库板的质量,保温板年产量达10万平方米。库板板面有彩钢板、复塑板、压花铝、Stainless steel板等多种板面,美观坚固,防腐耐用,并可用户要求提供各种国产和进口制冷 Crew 。
◆ Cold storage Kiểu:
The Kiểus of cold storage are divided into: active cold storage, assembled cold storage, combined cold storage, large cold storage, quick freezing storage, freezing storage, cold storage, fresh storage, and air conditioning storage.
◆ Cold storage application range:
Cold storage is widely used in supermarkets, industry, foreign trade, food, aquatic products, animal husbandry, medicine, tourism, railways, troops, hotels, food processing and other industries.
◆ Cold storage features:
The pu (polyurethane) insulation board produced by our company adopts professional assembly line equipment from shearing board, folding board, ribbing and fixing. The tạo bọt adopts the pressure tạo bọt of imported tạo bọt machine, and the complete set of technology is used to greatly improve the board. The annual output of quality and insulation board is 100,000 square meters. The board surface has a variety of plates such as color steel plate, plastic plate, embossed aluminum, stainless steel plate, etc. It is beautiful and sturdy, anti-corrosion and durable, and can provide various domestic and imported refrigeration units according to user requirements.

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