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Large cold storage


Cold storage technical parameters and description
First, cold storage insulation board
    The cold storage board adopts double-sided color steel polystyrene board or double-sided color steel (double-sided embossed aluminum or stainless steel) polyurethane board, the thickness is 100mm, 150mm or 200mm according to the temperature of the cold storage, and the density is: 18kg/m3 40kg/m3. :0.027w/(mk);
    Cold plate installation: The joints of the cold storage plate are sealed with Cốc thủy tinh sealant and they have anti-aging and corrosion resistance.
Second, cold storage door
    The thickness, finish and thermal insulation of the cold storage door are the same as for the library.
    The cold storage door is equipped with a door lock that is safely unlocked.
    The cold storage door is flexible and light, and the sealing contact surface of the door frame and the door itself is smooth and flat without warping.
    There is no cold bridge in the cold storage door, and the door can be opened to a position greater than 90°.
Third, refrigeration equipment
 1. Technical characteristics, parameters and description of German BITZER refrigeration unit
    ♦ Unit configuration
    ♦ Air-cooled Tụ điện, accumulator, high pressure controller, low pressure controller, drying filter, solenoid valve, junction box, thermal expansion valve
    ♦ High reliability: sturdy and durable
    ♦ Overall valve plate design
    ♦ Impact spring steel valve
    ♦ Energy efficiency: high cooling capacity and lowest energy consumption
    ♦ High efficiency and high working valve
    ♦ Minimum dead space
    ♦ High efficiency large capacity motor
    ♦ Smooth performance curve
    ♦ Energy efficiency ratio is higher than 20% of fully enclosed piston
    ♦ More suitable for higher ambient temperature
    ♦ Low vibration, low noise
    ♦ Better quality balance
    ♦ Built-in pulse silencer
 2. Italy Condado ceiling Kiểu air cooler
    The shell is spray-coated, corrosion-resistant and elegant in appearance.
    The coil is arranged in a novel manner to reduce the wind side resistance. After the sleeve is placed, the aluminum fins are tightly wrapped around the copper tube through the mechanical riser to reduce the contact thermal resistance and improve the heat transfer efficiency.
    After the product is tested, it is cleaned in the tube by the cleaning agent to remove oil, moisture and scale inside the tube.
    Use a dedicated fan motor to ensure normal operation under humid and low temperature conditions.
    The U-tubular electric heating tube with strong insulation is used, and the electric heating tube is inserted into the tube, and the Rã đônging time is short, and the effect is good.
    The trough hanger is convenient for lifting.
    All of them are subjected to pressure-holding and nitrogen filling before leaving the factory.
Fourth, cold storage automatic control box
    ♦ Automate cold storage control with the Italian Elf thermostat.
    ♦ According to the temperature setting, the Máy nén is automatically controlled to start and stop with a temperature accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius.
    ♦ Visualize the cold storage temperature.
    ♦ Automatic Rã đônging at regular intervals, the Rã đônging water is discharged outside the warehouse.
    ♦ When the refrigeration system is dirty, blocked or leaked, the low-voltage control will alarm to cut off the circuit to protect the Máy nén.
    ♦ When the refrigeration system is poorly condensed or when the amount of liquid return is large, the high-voltage control will alarm the cut-off circuit to protect the Máy nén.
    ♦ When the Máy nén increases the overload current for some reason, the overload relay disconnects the protection Máy nén.
    ♦ When Power is out of phase, the main control circuit disconnects the protection Máy nén and the chiller motor and has a delayed start.
    ♦ If the user needs high-precision control, it can also make ultra-high temperature alarm and ultra-low temperature alarm.

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