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tủ trưng bày hoa tươi 09HG

Thương hiệu 38 tuổi của Trung Quốc

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【Product name】:09HG Flower cabinet

【Product parameters】

Product name Mô hình Outer size(L×W×H)mm Cryogen Công suất đầu vào Power temperature(℃)
Sophomore door flower cabinet 09HG-2 1210×705×1880 R134a ≤0.35KW 220V/50HZ 2~+10(℃)
Four-door flower cabinet 09HG-4 1210×705×1880 R134a ≤0.35KW 220V/50HZ 2~+10(℃)
Big three door flower cabinet 09HG-3 1820×705×1880 R134a ≤0.45KW 220V/50HZ 2~+10(℃)
Six-door flower cabinet 09HG-6 1820×705×1880 R134a ≤0.45KW 220V/50HZ 2~+10(℃)

【product manual】

◆ Flowers can be kept in the fresh-keeping cabinet for 30~50 days without wilting and keep fresh. It can be used in hotels, flower shops and other occasions.
◆ There are three main factors to pay attention to when buying a flower fresh-keeping cabinet:
1, temperature: the most appropriate temperature in winter, that is, 10 ° C ~ 15 ° C.
2, humidity: the most appropriate humidity in spring, which is more than 85%.
3, wind speed: flowers are most afraid of blowing, if the wind speed is too large, the flower will soon fade.
How can we achieve the above three factors? You must have a wealth of knowledge and experience in freezing principles, not your own brand.
◆ Features of this product:
1, 10 ° C ~ 15 ° C temperature and 85 ~ 100% humidity, automatic humidity control;
2, sliding door Kiểu access is convenient;
3, the internal flower stand can be adjusted freely;
4, the Cốc thủy tinh is made of safe vacuum Cốc thủy tinh, no matter whether it is raining or wet weather, you can see the products inside the exhibition.

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